If the patient involved five years old, their dad provided him a glove and a great bat

. . .if the mom sent this new child to a good girls’ personal day college the daddy performed nothing to cover the person against this decision. The new kid had no men playmates. The device is regarding fine quality along with probably been selected properly. In the event the current was presented with into guy, the father told you, “Anybody can enjoy baseball.” However, the guy know no other guys having exactly who he could play. (Bieber 1962, p. 101)

You will find arrive at the conclusion you to a positive, supporting, warmly related father precludes the potential for a gay man; the guy will act as an excellent neutralizing protective agent if the mommy make seductive or personal-binding attempts.” (Bieber 1962, p.311)

The newest people into the Bieber’s data had found let as they was indeed let down with the lifetime otherwise not able to means. They may afford the price of data. This new pick nature of shot acceptance critics to issue the latest conclusions into factor why these results couldn’t be employed to all or any homosexuals.

Its conclusion: “It seems that the family character to have homosexual patients discussed by Bieber, et al

However, a great amount of research has confirmed new conclusions out-of Bieber. Chang and you can Cut-off (1960) concluded that homosexual men have been probably be versus control in order to “disidentify with the dads.”

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