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T his dress was worn by King Victoria from England at her relationship so you can Prince Albert in the year 1840. They gained a lot of push desire during the time, since regal wedding try extremely advertised.

This new organized, eight-bit top features an extensive, discover neckline. The fresh new off-the-neck sleeves try quick and you will puffed. Brand new pointed waist was deep v-molded, like the new basque figure. The neckline and you can arm was in fact cut having lace. The floor-size top was extremely full, with which has eight widths away from fabric from inside the forward-facing pleats. In the this lady event, Victoria used a silk illustrate more than six yards enough time, and that a dozen attendants sent along the section (Tobin, Pepper & Willes 32).

“We dressed in a white silk gown with a very strong flounce of Honiton fabric, replica of old. I dressed in my Turkish diamond necklace and you can earrings, and you will Albert’s gorgeous sapphire brooch.” (Esher 318)

The newest Queen adorned the lady top, 139 in from inside the width and you will 37-forty ins detailed, that have an exquisite Honiton lace flounce. Simply because of its fragility, when presented, Queen Victoria’s wedding dress try exhibited without any flounce (Staniland & Levey 2).

It is important to observe that brand new dress is actually developed simply out of Uk content, purposefully patronizing opportunities which were in the refuse.

Q ueen Victoria’s marriage to help you Prince Albert inside the 1840 was while the the majority of a general public-interactions enjoy as it are an event off love

Fig. step 1 – Mary Bettans (English). Queen Victoria’s bridal dress, 1840. Spitalfields silk, honiton lace. London: The Regal Range Believe, RCIN 71975. Source: The brand new Regal Range Believe

Fig. 2 – Mary Bettans (English). Queen Victoria’s wedding gown, 1840. Spitalfields silk, honiton lace.

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