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When they reunite in “The fresh <a href="">getiton telefoonnummer</a> Grimm Reaper”, Jaune gladly hugs Ruby due to the fact she been able to contain the promise

Following competition from Beacon and you may Pyrrha’s passing, Jaune and his left group are prepared to realize Ruby to your the stop by at Mistral. Ruby and you can Jaune get along with both very well; Ruby playfully humor abreast of studying Jaune’s Pumpkin Pete hoodie, and soon after toward, she shows question to possess Jaune when she learns him training in the fresh new tree having an exercise video clips from the fresh new late Pyrrha.

They continue to be with her when People RNJR breaks up inside “Several Measures Give, A few Tips Straight back”, they both carrying Qrow Branwen to the an extender so you’re able to scavenge to have scientific provides and give a wide berth to taking your towards the a beneficial mountainous route.

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